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Computer forensics
Data analysis and recovery

Our business security related services include also computer forensics and data recovery. The most typical cases of their use are the following:

Computer forensics

This is a service intended to obtain and secure digital evidence of criminal or otherwise unlawful activities. It is characterized by generally good results, because many everyday activities are done with modern devices like computers and mobile phones, while a technology they utilize to store information allows to recreate and secure almost every action of their users.

Should a digital footprint be used as evidence in legal procedures, it needs to be obtained and secured in an appropriate way. Our customers can either hire us to secure the digital footprints or try to do it unassisted with respect to, among of others, the following rules:

Data analysis procedures start from the original media be locked as write-protected and cloned to a working drive. The actual analysis is done using the latter and accordingly to the customer's request. When finished, a detailed report, containing description of results and procedures of the analysis, is drawned up. An additional copy of data retrieved by the analysis is made and attached to the report.

Pricing of this service depends on complicacy and workload of a given case, so it is always agreed individually.

Data recovery

Data recovery is often a part of computer forensics, but may be also a standalone service in cases where there is either no need to secure digital footprints or the data loss was accidental. To maximize chances of a successful recovery, users should obey some important rules, particularily the following:

Independently of what data recovery services can offer, we recommend to make regular backup copies of data. An experienced specialist supplied with not only a damaged media, but also with an archival copy of lost data, would attempt to use the latter to quicken and reduce costs of the recovery operation.