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We protect
the security
of your business

We provide software and services intended for business security protection from the IT point of view. Doing so, we cooperate with specialists in business counterintelligence from Private Investigation Agency Detectio.

IT security

We offer professional and comprehensive IT audits and implementation of IT security procedures in companies and organizations. These are generally complex services divided into multiple layers and consecutive stages. They include e.g. audits of software legality and corporate network security. Nevertheless they are never restricted to the IT infrastructure itself, but always encourage implementation of clear rules of how it is accessed and used by employess and customers. This is why our IT specialists are often supported by investigative-like operations intented to test the implemented security solutions in practice.

Dedicated software solutions

If necessary, we can develop individual software solutions in order to supplement the services described above. It strenghtens the corporate security both in a scope of IT infrastructure itself, as well as in fighting against unlawful activities of employees and market competitors.